Booking Information

  You may have noticed that the prices for our guided and catered adventures are very reasonable .   Our family started Wells Gray Adventures in 1988 and we have been running it since that time.  It has always been important to us to share the amazing wilderness of Wells Gray Park with as many people as possible and to do that we try to keep our prices down.

 The summer season in Wells Gray however is short and spaces are limited. So in order for us to keep our prices low, our booking and cancellation policies are strict.  To make sure we are all on the same page, here is how it works.  If something is unclear, or we have left anything out, please let us know.  


When you reserve your trip you will have two choices. 

First choice: You can pay a 50% deposit ( half of the total price of the trip) when you confirm your booking. Forty-five days (45 days) ahead of your departure you will be required to pay the remaining amount owing for the trip which will be the remaining 50% of the  price plus an additional 5% which is the required Goods and Services Tax which is added to the total price of the trip.

Second choice: You could pay the full amount when you confirm your booking. This is much easier for us as it eliminates the need to administer a second payment. Because a full payment at the time of booking reduces office time for us, we are willing to extend that savings to you. Wells Gray Adventures will pay the goods and services tax on the booking which amounts to a 5% savings on all bookings paid in full on the first payment.     


When you have a group booking we will offer you a ten percent discount. To get the ten percent discount we must receive one payment for the group through a group organizer.


 For Canadians we prefer e transfers.  We also accept personal checks if you are from the United States or Canada. If you are from overseas you can call 1 250 587 6444 which is our office number and give us a charge card or you can pay via a bank transfer or paypal. We do take VISA and MasterCard. 


Group Bookings
 For group bookings, as long as the group number remains above 8, the group can fluctuate between 8 and 11 with no penalties. We just need to know the number of folks joining us a couple of days prior to the trip so we can plan food and transportation properly.  If your group number goes below eight, you are still required to pay for eight, so be sure to collect payments from your members.

A whole group cancelling is a very rare occurrence, but just in case here is what you need to know.   If an entire group wants to cancel with maximum refund then they must do so prior to March 1st.  If the cancellation is received prior to March first, than your money will be returned minus a $150.00 group handling fee.  After March 1st it becomes very difficult for us to resell the space.  If the space is resold, we will offer a refund.  If it is not, then there are no refunds forthcoming. 

NOTE: If the trip is departing, Wells Gray Adventures will offer no refunds due to any weather event. This includes rain, fog, snow, smoke, extreme heat, or any other weather event beyond our control.

Because the summer season in Wells Gray is very short, and finding people to re-book cancelled trips at short notice is very difficult, our cancellation policies are strict. Wells Gray Adventures strongly recommends you obtain cancellation insurance.


Unless you are a group who has made other arrangements, we depart our office at 9:00 am the morning of your trip.  You can find a map to our office here. If you did not come by car, we can also pick you up between 9:00 and 10:00 am at your local accommodation. Before leaving, the guide will discuss current conditions in the mountains with you so you can be sure your packing will be appropriate.


The topographic map for the area is 'West Raft River' 82 M/13. Grid references for the buildings are: Trophies Chalet 049386. Discovery cabin 46452 and Fight Meadow Chalet 001560. 

We will provide you with a free map copy to carry with you on your trip upon your arrival.


You will be required to sign a waiver form before departing on your adventure. We are including the waiver here so you can read it before your arrival, but he waiver form must be signed at our office the morning before your departure. 

Medical Form

Please fill out this medical form  and Mail or E Mail it to us as soon as possible after you have booked your trip.  

Food Allergies or dietary restrictions

Upon booking and paying your deposit, please let us know about any food allergies or dietary restrictions that we need to account for when we are preparing the menu for your trip. Make sure to explain these  on your medical form.   Planning the menus and getting dry goods into the mountains is a big job which we can only do well if we know about your dietary needs. 

Though we will accommodate your dietary requests to the best of our ability, these are mountain environments and Clearwater is a small town.  We may not have access to very specific or specialized food items, you may have to bring some of these from home.  Give us a call at the office and we can discuss what you need and make sure that you are able to eat well on your trip. 

Toll-free 1 888 SKI TREK (888 754 8735)